Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A better week

Looks like the doomswitch is off - 3 positive sessions in a row, and I have erased my awful week and I'm back to the positive for the month (+1.5 buy-in, I'll take it, after losing 11 buy-ins in one week. EVIL).

I have also added tables slowly this week to find out my limits. 4 is definitely playable. I tried 6 briefly tonight - I think I could do it - I need some help with some default bets. (I like to fire .13 into a heads up limped, .20 pot, or .28 into a 3 way limped .30 pot. If I can configure those amounts to a shortcut key via TableNinja, we'll be in business.

Poker is more fun when you're winning. I can take losing big hands - I lost a 3 way all-in vs. A2 and 33 tonight (they BOTH caught me, lol) for 60 BB, but I was playing well and making good decisions and taking advantage of bad players and I was able to overcome one sucky hand, which will always happen. Playing 800 hands in one night helps spread out the pain, too. (much harder to recover a big loss in 200 hands).

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