Monday, January 31, 2011

January in the books...

Nothing to write home about, results-wise. 1.35 bb/100. A resounding "meh". - just over a one buy-in profit.

Looking to the positive, I was able to play 13,500 hands of NON-Rush this month because of my ability to increase to 4 tables. I briefly tried six, but wasn't quite comfortable there (though I almost never use the timebank, so using it will help me).

I also banked about 3 buy-ins of rakeback with my increased volume.

I clearly have work to do - ace-king was a disaster (well-documented here), and I misplayed a hand as early as tonight where I froze after hitting trips in a 4 way pot, which allowed someone to catch up and hit a two outer on the turn, then I didn't fold to his raise and river bet when I didn't beat anything. Luckily his raise and river bet were on the small side or I would have lost much more.

Not where I want to be yet.


Forrest Gump said...

Matt, ever considered not tracking your results for a while? Forget about your bb's and win rates. Maybe just sit and concentrate on good decisions only. Just a thought.


Tony said...

What? They were suited! :)