Saturday, January 29, 2011

Live Tourney Report (much abbreviated) - Jan 28

I didn't feel much like writing about poker today.

Tons of stories to tell. My big tourney went nowhere - I got seated 2 seats to the left of a brutal calling station, and all manner of preflop bluffing was neutralized. I made one decent hand early blind vs. blind (flush vs. straight), but that was the only hand on note until shoving time.

My first shove all in was with 6 blinds and ace-queen, I was called by someone with only three blinds and 45. He won that hand, giving me 3 blinds. My last shove was ace-king, called by ace-two, with a 2 in the door, I was gone. It didn't phase or anger me - just another hand in the endless stream of hands. Everybody had played correctly - the 45 had too few blinds to fold, the A2 had too big a stack to fold against my puny raise. Everyone did what they were supposed to do- the poker gods gave us the outcome.

The coolers come, the bad beats, the suckouts, both for and against me. Maybe I've finally seen enough of them that they don't inspire me to write about their idiocy anymore. (not good news for this blog, but perhaps a sign of growth as a player).

The cash game after the tourney was pretty ridiculous from a card standpoint too. A maniac came to the table and gleefully raised every pot and smugly showed bluff upon bluff. I hit top pair top kicker on AQ, Q-high dry board, and checkraised him all in (riding a short 50 blind stack at the time). He hemmed and hawed for a bit and then flipped over pocket kings. I accused him of a little slow-rolling, which he didn't like much, but it seemed to slow down his showboating a bit. After he left, I got to deal with a drunk guy and the same calling station from the tourney - in every pot. I tried an 8x preflop raise with aces and they both called. By the turn, the board was 5s6s7s6c and the drunk bet over pot and the calling station called. I easily folded my 2 red aces on the super-dangerous board and felt good about it until one flipped over king-4 for a sucker side straight draw, and the other flipped over a naked 5 for one pair. Nobody had trips and nobody has a flush, or even a flush draw.

Again - ridiculous, but just another hand. Didn't bother me. I went home for the night down 30 blinds or so, unable to crack the fish on this night.

500 online hands tonight, down 60 blinds. No hands won or lost bigger than 20BB, so no major mistakes. I had a feeling my session would not go well by the 9th hand, when my top pair was up against a set. I ran out of the way with little damage, at least. I had a few chances to hit a big hand with a set of twos and two guys chasing same flush (with mine higher), but neither won me the big pot I needed.

A thousand poker stories to tell, but they didn't inspire me today.

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