Sunday, February 27, 2011

B Game

Some bad mistakes and a 2 out suckout stacking made for a poor afternoon today. Funny how you make a mistake, are not feeling all that good about how you're playing, then the poker gods kick you when you're down by letting kings catch up to aces and drive another nail in.

Those things happen all the time - I can live with suckouts. But folding the best hand against 2 fish was a real crusher, queens on a KK2 board, with betting and calling and there seemed to be no way one of them didn't have a king. They didn't - pocket eights and nines had me kicking a penguin after the fold.

The worst play of the day was simple lack for board reading - I held nine-ten on a board that turned me two pair - a 229T board - and failed to realize that big pocket pairs were still ahead of me. An awful, unforgivable oversight on my part cost me a stack.

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