Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bing Bang BLAU

Couldn't find an open table at my stakes tonight - I guess a multi-tabler kept snapping them up the second they became open. I didn't have a whole lot of time to play anyway, so I hopped into 25NL Rush Poker.

29 minutes, 202 hands, and 228 big blind profit later, I shut it down. Set of fours vs. two pair boom (for 100BB), Aces vs. King-Queen all in preflop (35 BB), and a set of Aces vs. AQ two pair for the bulk of the profit. Biggest loss was a showdown that I played perfectly and lost the minimum with top pair as the out of position defended hit a flush on the river. He went for the checkraise, I went for pot control and lost 7 blinds total.

When your biggest loss is 7 blinds and your biggest wins are a pair of 100BB coolers, in 202 hands, there's no need to press your luck any further, in my opinion.

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