Tuesday, March 15, 2011

mad at myself

Overplayed top pair tonight and ran into a set. No excuses, I felt the pressure being applied by the villain, and I couldn't fold AQ with an ace on board. Horrible play by me, and it cost me 75 BB or so.

Razor thin margins in poker. One botched hand can crush your session, or week, or even month.

Another oddity tonight - somebody must have put out a free video on light 3betting or something. I was three-bet at least a eight times in 300 hands. Fortunately for me, I had ace-king in two of them, and I employed a trick I learned from a Cardrunners video - I 4bet shoved. Apparently it looks pretty bluffy, because I got called by Ace-Nine, and Ace-Jack, and won both hands.

Those hands helped after killing myself with Big Chick.

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