Monday, March 14, 2011

Book it - one more buy-in

Didn't look good for me early when el-fishy spiked a river 4-outer on me as he bluffed all in with ace-king. Board was QT6T and I was sitting in the weeds with ace-ten. He spiked his jack and I was stacked. Oh well, the best hand won.

Then I bluffed off another 16 blinds when someone lead out tiny on a Q64 board. I had ace-king but his bet smelled of weakness so I raised. He called with middle pair - 76 - apparently putting me on ace-king (nice handreading, lol), or drawing to two pair. That's how the fishies lose money in the long run, but I was down 120 BB now.

Fortunately, I continue to run hot - not just in my own cards, but the cards my opponents are holding as well. Another set-over-set wins a stack back, and pocket kings vs. a fishy does more damage.

Very pleased with my play. I moved up stakes at the beginning of the month, and I'm up 5 buy-ins since the move. Looks like I've found a new home, at least until the grim reaper downswing comes calling. So far, though, the bad beats are spaced out enough to allow me to keep winning.

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