Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Good information

I raise AK and a 50+ something VPIPer with less than half a stack min-3bets me. I'm not folding AK for half a stack, and I have found that the best play is to simply shove - it looks bluffy and gets called by worse. This time, I'm called by (slightly) better - pocket fives, and he wins the race and doubles up.

Calls all-in on pocket fives, eh? Good to know.

About 3 hands later, pocket kings. I raise and the same fish min-3bets me again. He has close to a full stack now (half of it from me), is he willing to put double the amount at risk with the same type of cards?

I'm definitely finding out. I 4bet shove, he snap calls with pocket eights this time, and I win my money back and the rest of his. He leaves the table, as do I.

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Gambling Rob said...

it's vital to know when to leave the table, and it should always be with some extra cash ;)