Saturday, March 26, 2011

Live Tourney non-Report

My Monthly $50 tourney was not a pleasurable experience. Drunk loudmouth guy to immediate right, he thought everything out of his mouth was HILARIOUS (it wasn't), he tried to bluff the calling station, failed, then berated him (well-done).

One to my right way good online aggro guy.

Two to my right was slowpoke - big headphones on, never knowing when it was his turn, then hanging on every decision like it was life or death. Our table probably played 30% fewer hands per round because of this guy.

And then me, sitting there with jack-deuce all night.

I played 4 hands. One was a free shot in the big blind with 35o. I hit a 24 open-ender but missed on the river. One was a limped A8 (out of pure desperation), facing heavy action on an ace-high flop I folded. It was the right fold.

One was Ace-King with 9 big blinds and under the gun. I shoved and won the blinds.

My last hand was ten-six, a desperation shove with 3 left to act. Called by the worst possible hand for my holding - pocket tens. Buh-Bye.

The monthly tourney has not been the best time in recent months.

The cash game was better - I made my $50 back and $20 more. My table wasn't particularly tough, and the Omaha rounds were fun as Holdem players overvalued bottom set and jack high flushes. As usual, I had to wait to hit a hand, but I did and got paid off.

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