Wednesday, March 2, 2011

So Little to go on

I cost myself a stack very early tonight based on one snippet of information - a chat note that I picked up that read "you should have tried one of your ridiculous overbets".

I got involved with that same player with king-two in the big blind, and flopped trip deuces. An ace came on the turn - I bet and he raised. Based on that one piece of information, I figured he might try "one of his ridiculous overbets" on the river, and I was going to call.

The river brought a 4 card wheel straight to the board. I checked, he made his ridiculous overbet, and I snap called. He had the ace, but his kicker was weak enough to give him the wheel. The luck! I have a feeling he was going to overbet with or without that straight (though I'm not sure).

Some steadfast table selection got me back in the swing, though, and I ended the night up 120BB, after losing 100 on that hand.

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