Monday, April 11, 2011

Bit of a struggle tonight.

Was happy with my session until the last 10 hands - I got into a dick measuring contest with someone who would NOT FOLD THEIR FUCKING BLINDS no matter what - we got stuck in a 4 bet pot and he shoved an ace turn and I had to fold (flush draw, too, damn).

Considering his stats, I liked my preflop 4bet. Then he did something ridiculous - he flatted the 4bet. What the hell hand is that appropriate? Aces or kings, I guess. We checked the flop, king high. When the turn brought and ace and gave me a flush draw, I decided I could bet that ace. He check-shoved and I had to fold. Oh well, he outplayed me, not much I can say there. I've marked him down and I'll get him later. A few 4bet shoves or calling his 3bet and gutshot shoves will do the trick against him in the future.

Lose that big one, and then get two more raises 3bet preflop, and I was down close to a buy-in, after clawing and scratching all night. Considering I had a grand total of one big hand postflop, and got kings and queens both cracked for pretty big pots, my session was pretty good. Biggest losing hands - KK, QQ, my 4bet bluff above (Q8s, lol), and an AKs that I made a nice solid river bluff that I'm sure should have worked overall but not this time. Dude couldn't let go of top pair 9. Ugh. Considering he was a 53/30, his range was weak enough to try it out.

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