Thursday, April 14, 2011

Doomswitch Engaged (for a bit)

That run of no bad luck I've had - it's officially over. Wiped out in 320 hands. 2 outed 3 times. Down 120 big blinds in 30 Rush minutes.

I couldn't believe it. I was just sitting at my desk, blinking repeatedly at the computer. I wasn't tilted, just a bit in shock.

You're not supposed to chase your losses, but I still felt like I was playing well, so I fired the tables back up and jumped back on.

Right away my luck turned. I pushed into a shortstack who 3bet me. I had AQ and he had 3bet several times already. He called with kings and I sucked out on him. Someone 3bet me while I had AK - he also had 3bet stats. I shoved into his half stack and he folded. Flopped a set of jacks and won some chips. Top pair held up. Finally, I stacked someone on a scary play. Ace-Five suited in position. I raised up a limper, he called. I had all of three hands of history on him - he had played them all. Board was Ace-Ten-Two with two diamonds, and he bet .75 into 2.85. I'm not folding top pair for those odds. The turn brought me two pair, but also a diamond for a flush on board. Suddenly he bets pot. Pot? So the minbet was to get to the flush, and now that you have it you're going to push real hard? Well, maybe, I guess, but it didn't add up. No checkraise? No smaller bet? No, I figured now he had an ace but wanted me out of the pot. Or he had an ace with a diamond and figured he could be hard with a redrew. Could have been a misread, but I thought I was ahead. I shoved and he called, and I figured right then I was all wrong and had just shoved into a made flush. Nope. King-Queen with the King of diamonds. No pair, diamond and gutshot draws. A 4.1 favorite.

This time I held up and pushed my night positive. I logged out seconds later, knowing I had gotten away with one.

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