Wednesday, April 13, 2011

play your way back

not much time to play tonight, but I need to play a bit every day this week to quality for the Full Tilt Take 2 program, so I needed to squeeze in a half hour of Rush.

I had a plan - something I learned from CardRunners coach Verneer. When you're playing bad or your luck is bad or whatever - change your focus to play break even poker for awhile. Don't get tempted by the borderline stuff (like 4bet shoving AK like I did last night from under the gun). Don't outlevel yourself when you're three-bet. Play solid poker, make the solid +EV plays, and shoot for a break even night.

I'm pleased with the way I played overall. I waded into one hand with king-eight (a blind steal), and I probably should have folded to a turn bet even with top pair. That was my only play pushing my luck a bit. All my other lost hands were basic, solid, don't-outthink-things poker.

13 BB profit in 30 minutes. Mission accomplished.

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