Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing Sit N Gos...

The silliness of poker shows itself in full force during the 1 table sit-n-go. Last night, every time I made a raise, a short stack shoved over me, but giving me odds to call. 3 times, I was in big trouble on the flop and sucked out to win twice. I also flopped hard while heads up and took the tourney down.

Tonight, I got heads up with a bad player who always flopped something. He folded exactly one time in the heads up match - the time I was holding pocket kings. He was a nonbeliever when I had nothing and folded lightning quick when I had a hand I was ready to go with. He guessed right every time including the last time, so I took second in that one.

I'm back above even in my Lock Poker bankroll, by a couple bucks.

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