Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Dude. You can't call.

Trying out these "Double Up" tourneys - 10 players, top 5 get double their buy-in. Strategy is to play uber-tight early, and then there's a bubble with 6 left. My push-fold-fu is weak right now, but this was an easy one.

Game #34839524-67: $3 NL Holdem Double Up - 10 Handed - 200.00/400.00
Seat #3: Fifthstbum, $2860.00
Seat #4: cherrybomb5, $765.00
Seat #5: Shr3dd3rRr (D), $3275.00
Seat #6: 777deuced (SB), $1665.00
Seat #8: taglius (BB), $2248.00
Seat #9: CaseyBRaisen, $3497.00

One player left until we're in the money, and he's got less than 2 big blinds left.

*** Blinds ***
777deuced posts the small blind of 200.00
taglius posts the big blind of 400.00
*** Pre-Flop ***
taglius got hole cards [ Jd 6c ]
CaseyBRaisen folds
Fifthstbum folds
cherrybomb5 folds
Shr3dd3rRr raises with 945.00
777deuced folds
taglius goes all-in with 2248.00
Shr3dd3rRr folds
taglius mucks [ Jd 6c ]
taglius wins 3883.00

The button has been stealing the past 2 orbits or so, but there's no way he can call here without a major premium hand. Jack-six takes the money. The shorty busts out one hand later.

I've played 4 of these so far, winning 2 and losing 2, so I'm not beating the rake yet. They're pretty boring, but I suppose I could go on auto-pilot and play like 8 of them at once.

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Memphis MOJO said...

I've found that three at once is optimum. Keeps you busy but not overly so.