Friday, May 27, 2011

things worked on last night

1. Tilt Control

Good job last night. Donked twice into a newbie with 3rd pair, he called down with top pair/bad kicker. Lesson learned on his play, not upset, would win it back later. Got a river bluff called - by ace-high! Congratulated villain on the call and meant it. Lost $18 when another villain checked top pair on K high flop then value bet twice vs. me holding queens. I paid it off, and once again complimented villain on the flop check. Meant it again. I don't begrudge players who play well, so I guess my opportunity for tilt wasn't very great. (I tend to tilt more when I lose to someone who played a hand poorly).

2. Look for opportunities.

Not many last night, but I made the most of them. Played my big pairs hard and got paid off. Punished limpers light (but not too light). Checkraised bottom pair + flush draw and got a fold. I didn't 3bet one time last night - I would like work one in for every session. I had one AK I could have 3bet, as it turns out flatting was the more overall +EV play vs. his exact holding (though I lost the hand, d'oh). We'll call this a B.

3. No big mistakes.

Grade A- here. All losses were acceptable. Lost the minimum with two pair from the blinds. No draws to chase unprofitably. I don't consider bluffing against ace-high and getting a hero call a mistake, or putting a new player to the test with a double barrel bet. Some mistakes made, but not big ones.

Overall, a fine session, and half-a-buyin to show for it.

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