Sunday, August 14, 2011

another new Omaha low

real bad session tonight - 4.5 buyins down. The Hwang books don't seem to apply to me - I never have the types of hands he spent 4 books talking about. 17 card wraps, top set with nut flush draw - sure, these are monsters that you're willing to take to the wall. You never get them! you play JT98 double suited and the flop comes A22. You get AAKJ and the board comes 567 all spades (you have one spade). You get the bottom gap rundown and whiff again. Meanwhile, people are taking bottom set and top and bottom 2 pair to the wall like Holdem players.

The bluffs don't work because people chase jack high flush draws. They play sucker side gutshots with 8 eight flush draw backups. Unbelievable stuff.

I got stacked with AA against a guy who decided 3456 with three spades was enough hand to get all in preflop with.

Finally, when I have a monster, like quads, nobody has a thing. I win a tiny pot.

Time to get more serious about my game. HUD, forum reading, here we go. This game has officially pissed me off.


bastinptc said...

Keep in mind what that game did to me. Not for the feint of heart.

Forrest Gump said...

Do you use a hand simulator Matt? The AA hand is only winning 58% against 3456 - its a pretty brutal game...