Friday, August 5, 2011

Break Even bullet-dodging

One big pot win (bottom set vs. top 2 in holdem, one big pot lost (big-ish Omaha draw, but should have folded turn), and the rest was dodging bullets. There were 2 3bets all night at the table preflop - both against me raising with non-strong hands. Tony flats with aces out of the blinds vs. my AK then comes out blasting - fortunately I don't hit a pair and fold the turn after floating the flop.

Watching our table play Omaha is high comedy- two players raising and reraising on the river - both with weak full houses. Players calling river bets with 2 pair or bottom trips on boards containing straights and flushes. Someday I'll actually hit a hand vs. these guys and smoke them. Not this night, though.

+$5 on the night felt like a victory.

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