Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dual purpose bet

Playing 4-handed Omaha at a side table after the tourney. We were 8 strong at one point but people dropped out one at a time.

I very much like one bet I made, even though I lost the pot. On the river I had a king high flush, but there was a pair of nines on the board. I was in the pot with 2 players - one decent Omaha player and a donk who thought Omaha hand strengths were the same as Holdem hand strengths.

I had the good player on the ace-high flush. He had thought hard and called a flop bet, and I knew if he had a strong hand, he would have raised the donk.

I was first to act on the river when my flush hit. I knew that a big enough bet would serve as a bluff to the good player who would fold the nut flush on a paired board, but also act as a value bet to the donk, who would pay off with trip nines.

It worked beautifully, too, except that the 4 of hearts on the river that brought my flush also brought the donk the nines full of fours boat.

That's Omaha. I still like the bet.

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