Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Various Variance

The variance in Omaha is brutal, especially when coupled with poor play.

I'm losing huge pots and winning small ones. My monster draws aren't getting there. Or they get there and everyone insta-folds. Or I'm chopping. I either overplay aces or I flat and get caught. Or my bluffs are into strong hands. Or people float me with nothing and catch me. I cannot win a hand right now.

Every night is two or more buyins gone, and I'm aiming for busto pretty soon at this rate.

I would just love to stack someone just one time - that would be a big boost.

If not, I may just go busto and leave it there until real online poker comes back. Not sure I need it like I used to.

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bastinptc said...

I had such wide swings in PLO that I thought my account had been hacked.