Friday, September 30, 2011

Amazing Feats of ESP

Thursday night home game last night, I'm out of the hand. Tony limps into a pot that goes three or four way. Flop is something like 4d, 6c, 7d. FA leads out and gets called by both Tony and CB .

Turn is a black three, meaning that any five makes a straight. CB now leads out for $5. He has the straight, I can guarantee that. FA calls and so does Tony. A nice pot is brewing.

The river is a black nine. The final board is 3-4-6-7-9, with no flush possible. CB makes it five again. FA raises to $12. Tony re-raises to 30-something. It's back to CB, who I know is going to call, he's just counting out his chips. Both CB and FA are on the other side of the table (on my far right), Tony is on my immediate left, and we're out of earshot of those two if I keep my voice down.

While we're waiting, I turn my head to Tony, with my back to FA and CB. I whisper "Eight-Ten of Diamonds?".

Tony nods.

Both CB and FA call the big bet. Tony shows Eight-Ten of diamonds. FA also has eight-ten, they chop up CB's stack. (C.B. ain't folding no straight, no-way, no-how).

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