Saturday, October 8, 2011

Folding Kings

Weekly Cash Game, moved to Friday night with double the stakes ($1/$2).  A friendly, affable game.  K.C. is sitting on my right and we're joking and enjoying the poker and the playoff baseball in the background.

He limps into a pot. My usually-awful hole cards have a surprise for me - two black "K"s waving hello.  "Sorry boys, I gotta raise this one up" I say with a smile.  I make it $8 to go.

K.C. would normally say something like "you mother-f-ing bully, raising me up every time I want to see a flop, ha ha ha".  Then he would either fold or sometimes call, and off we would go.

No joke this time, though.  K.C. looks more serious than normal.  Then he raises up the pot to $24.

I briefly consider that he's tilting with pocket threes.  Nah.  No tilt.  K.C. has been winning pots and in a good mood.  I consider if he's getting the impression that I've been bullying him and has decided to play sheriff (exactly what you hope would be happening when you finally get dealt the monster).  A solid No again - my fold machine has been in full operation all evening.

That leaves only the obvious conclusion.  I fold face up.  He's shocked along with the rest of the table.  He in turn shows his hand, verifying to the rest the table what I already knew.


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job. Folding K-K pre is about the hardest thing to do in poker.

Forrest Gump said...

Hardest thing to do pre-flop. :)