Friday, September 2, 2011

Live Game Report

Very pleased with my play last night at .50/$1 Holdem. I had the fish on my right and the tighter guys to my left - just where I would hand-place each player. I brought out my online game into live play and punished limpers, stole blinds, and pushed the action. I was also aware of players' changing moods. One of the fish went up big early and then decided he could splash around with his found money. He was playing a game where he would simply ignore his cards, call flop and turn bets, and then bomb the river. This worked the one time he caught trip 5s, but when you employ the same trick 5 times in 3 orbits, even non-observant players start to see the pattern. Anyone with a shred of handreading skill, forget it. The table adjusted and called the bombing rivers lighter and lighter, and the fish kept mucking and mucking without ever showing down. After these couple of failed river bluffs, his play got more and more desperate. I made it $7 to go preflop with AK, he flatted with J4. I won the hand. He flatted someone else's raise with K4 and then called a $25 river bet with a pair of fours. He thought everyone else was bluffing because he was. Soon his $230 profit became a $5 loss, at which point he quickly cashed out and exited the game. We played the last hour 4-handed and switched to Omaha. I folded the most out of the 4, and won a medium pot with flopped quad tens against top boat (gotta love Omaha). Most of all, I minimized damage by folding hands that get you in trouble like top two pair and bottom trips. My final were good - +85BB and definite table captain of the evening. It felt pretty good.

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