Friday, October 14, 2011

keep the foot on the gas

It's hard to stay aggressive in my Thursday game with the calling stations and non-believers.  I raised up AJ last night, both the biggest stations called me, and the flop came a pretty dry king-nine-deuce.  I don't always c-bet into two players, but this seemed like the board to do it.  They both called.  So I check-folded and let them duke it out and show down king-nine and pocket queens.

So bluffing the calling stations is out - as it has been since poker was invented.  I had to find different spots to be aggressive.  Jack-ten suited hits a draw on a king-queen flop.  P.C bets $3.50 into a $12 dollar pot, and I know that means let's see if my second pair is good, or maybe I can hit my draw for cheap.  I raise the daylights out of it - he folds his gutshot.  I was roughly aware that my action on the hand didn't really correspond to any sort of logical holding, but I also knew that P.C. didn't really think on that level

Not many more spots for me on this night - pocket nines were my highest pair, I never saw AK or AQ in 4 hours.  One guy is hitting big pocket pairs so often he's gotta find new ways to play them each time.  Aggravating.  (Especially when he usually messes them up).  but I ended up 80 big blinds to the positive, with no cards.

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