Saturday, December 10, 2011

Crazy Town

We shifted up the weekly cash game a bit - moved to Friday night, and I removed the maximum buy-in to allow people to play a little deeper if they wanted to. Both moves worked - we got a full table of players, full of gamble. Flop raises with top pair/no kicker, preflop 3bets, the whole shmear.

I was a spectator for the most part - no cards. I was also ready to gamble it up some, but didn't find the opportunity. I did fire three barrels into a board where I knew the villain was drawing, and the turn and river didn't bring in the draws, and won a big pot with ace high. I begged for some action with bottom pair + flush draw, but got folds. I stayed above even, but only slightly so.

Towards the latter part of the evening, I caught myself limping into 2 pots in a row (following other limpers each time), and got mad at myself. "I should be raising this stuff and taking some pots down" I admonished myself silently, recognizing that the earlier action was cooling down if limps were being allowed to see flops. Time to re-adjust.

Next hand I was dealt king-ten offsuit, early-ish position. The book says fold, I raised it up. I got two callers and we saw an all-low board. I fired my c-bet and got folds. The hand after - kine-nine suited - I raised again and got one caller, who donked into the ten dollar pot with a weak bet - his classic "I need to see the next card" play. I denied that opportunity with a nice raise. "Am I going to allow myself to get bluffed off another hand?" he asked to nobody as he folded. I guess so. "That's how it's done", I said to myself, happy with adding 20 big blinds to my stack with king high. Then I went back to folding.

An 80 big blind win in the end - considering I don't think I had a hand as good as top pair all evening, I suppose that's just fine.

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