Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Head Rush

For the first time since Black Friday, I played a Holdem cash game online.

I also played a 6max table, which is how I play Omaha. I fared very poorly in 6max Holdem pre-Black Friday - the full table game suited my style much better, but I wanted to challenge myself.

The tilt came fast. Stacking off with AK, 3betting 77, squeezing with air. Lots of moves, by my and against me. I fared pretty well overall - up a buy-in.

I hope to bring more and more of that game to my live play. It's hard because my home game has so many recreational players - moves and bluffs go nowhere. Like most calling stations, they insulate themselves to bluffs with their play. You've got to hit a hand a value bet it.

But there are moves to be made.

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