Wednesday, March 14, 2012

try and plug a leak, get a flood.

I fold much too often to 3 bets. It is very exploitable, and even average players can take advantage. I see good players with like 55% fold to 3bet and I'm not sure how they do it.

Tonight I tried to work on this leak, and I ended up stacking myself. AKs for me, and immediately 3bet. The player was pretty tight 11/7, with a 2.7% 3bet. Pretty snug but not ridiculously so. I fought the urge to just auto-fold. I had AKs for Christ's sake! If I fold that, then what am I continuing with?

I called. Got a king high, dry flop, and value-stacked myself against aces.

Not so good.

I definitely need some help defending against 3bets.

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CdrData said...

At 2.7%, his entire range is QQ+/AK. He's never folding, and you're never ahead. Pass.

This play will work vs. someone whose 3B% is at least 5%, preferably close to 7%.