Tuesday, September 25, 2012

very narrow range

.50/$1 home game last Thursday, first hour. I check my hole cards and spot 2 black aces. Hello!

I raise to $3, and the player on my left 3bets to $6. This player is JJ, the biggest rock/nit at the table. A three bet from him means 2 hands only, pocket kings or pocket aces. Since I hold two of the aces, he is six times more likely to have pocket kings.

The standard play is to 4bet, but JJ is such a nit that he would actually consider folding his kings to a 4bet. I decide to call preflop and lead out 3 times instead, knowing exactly how he will play the hand post flop. He will call, call, call, and I'll win a decent pot as long as I don't scare him away with giant bets. Nonstandard, but the best way to play against this player in this situation.

The flop is ten high. I lead right out into him for $5. He calls quickly.

Turn is a low brick. I bet $9. "What the hell are you betting with, Matty?" he asks. He calls.

River - the king of diamonds.

A little laugh runs through my head. "Well, maybe he had queens", I think hopefully. I check. If he does have queens, he'll check behind. Instead, he bets $12.

Easiest fold ever.

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Memphis MOJO said...

Ya gotta know your customers.