Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Experienced a year-ruining, confidence shaking session tonight. 3.5 buy-ins lost. Not that I feel like I played poorly - just stupid coolers getting aces and kings and sets cracked every time. But when your bb/100 for the year goes down a full point in one session, it might be the most disheartening thing to happen in my poker life.

I thought perhaps I was really playing well this year, but maybe I just haven't had my share of variance yet, and I'm still just another guy when my true skill level is shaken out.

Of course, I don't play enough hands online anymore to ever know anyway. I could be anywhere between God's gift to poker or completely mediocre. There's no way to know. 30,000 hands isn't even enough to do a solid database analysis, and that's all I'm going to play this year.

I would have preferred just continuing to run hot and booking a good year.

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