Thursday, December 27, 2012

my month so far

99, Standard raise, 3 callers. Check/fold flop.

Next hand, same table, AA. Standard raise. 0 callers.

Edit: Started a new table, got AA while 3 handed. Got stacked by 23o. TWO-THREE OFFSUIT! He played it very well, he made a pot sized semibluff on the turn because 45 was on the board, and I thought he had 2 pair or something. This froze me and I ended up just calling. The ace on the river, giving me trips, doomed me. No way I was folding, and no way I should have folded.

Played break even besides that hand, meaning I lost another buy-in today. Time to call it an official downswing - down 6 buy-ins this week.

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Memphis MOJO said...

They are super-users. They can read your hole cards.