Tuesday, February 12, 2013


To keep the loss under two buy-ins tonight. One and a half buy-ins down. Got aggressive with a flush draw but he had a set - not folding - that stacked me. Then a nonbeliever called with pocket nines on a Q82 board and spiked his set on the turn. I had already 3bet him big and bet pot on the flop, with aces. Really unbelievable.

Not reviewing my monthly/yearly numbers anymore, until I post some wins. Too depressing.

Might have to move down in stakes soon, also.

I had one glimmer of luck in the session - I three bet someone with 76 suited and flopped trips sevens. Didn't get the villain's stack, but won a big pot. Maybe the first spiked big hand in the last 3000-4000.

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