Wednesday, March 12, 2008

First FullTilt Win

Posted my first win on FullTilt last night. Played well until 3 handed, guy to my right was raising everything, my cards stunk. Finally got AK, K on the flop, and all-in, he had K8 and I knocked him out.

Heads up started badly - got down to 2000 chips (vs 11500), went all in with J5 and caught 2 fives on the board to double up. Then doubled up again to pull even. From there I was able to outmaneuver my opponent, who didn't seem to have much heads up experience. My overall Full Tilt stats so far:

13 tourneys
1 win
6 other moneys (2nd/3rd)
3 bubbles
3 bombouts

I have made $36 over my initial bankroll. At about 10.5 hours of play so far, my hourly rate is somewhere close to what I was making at Kentucky Fried Chicken as a 17 year old!

Good thing I do this for fun and not for money.

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