Saturday, May 31, 2008

someone up there is mad at me.

Brutal stretch of 4 tourneys this weekend. Here are the 4 hands that have knocked me out.

Tourney #1: I'm shortstacked and push with Qs2s to steal blinds. Unfortunately, I get called by AdJd. But then, a miracle: I hit my Q on the flop! I'm 86% to win the hand. Until runner-runner KT comes on the board and gives him the unlikely straight to wipe me out.

Tourney #2: I get AcKs on the button. A bad, loose player raises it up, I reraise him all in, he calls with AhJs. Domination, baby, to the tune of 74% to win. Of course, A Jack comes on the flop and I'm gone.

Tourney #3: Similar situation to above - bad player raises, I put him all in with AcQs, he calls with Qd7d (?!!?). In this one, I'm only 71%-29% to win, but a 7 comes on the turn and bye-bye again.

Tourney #4: Worst one of the night - I raise with QQ and get shoved in by a loose player. I'm the table shortstack and decide I need to take a chance so I call - he's got 99. This is the standard 81-19 to win, but a 9 is the first card on the board, and down I go again.

For those of you counting at home, that's 4 hands with an average winning percentage of about 78%, and I lost all 4 of them. Holy binomial distributions batman! What's the chance of that?

Time for a little break, I think...

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