Thursday, September 4, 2008


Tonight I think everyone could see my cards. Got AA twice in 3 hands, raised it up (I don't limp with Aces) and everyone folded both times. Then I raised it up from the button with J2 suited and donkey calls me. More of the hidden luck I was talking about.

Had an almost identical hand tonight from the one last night. This time I raised up AK from UTG and got a call from the worst player at the table. I knew he called with a worse ace or some KJ-ish trash, but this time I was out of position and was more careful. Flop ended up 2 pairing and we ended up tying for the pot - again I had AK and villain had AJ. AGAIN! Whe
n you've got someone dominated twice and tie both times, something's goofy.

Two knockouts - was the big favorite in one (KK vs. AK) and the dog in another (AQ vs JJ). didn't matter, lost em both. I actually did win a race in the middle of one of the two tourneys, so I guess I'm 1 for 4 this week. YeeHaw

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