Monday, December 29, 2008

bad decisions...

played very poorly tonight in 2 tournies.

In the first, I tried a steal with A2 and got a caller (tried 4 steals on the night, all 4 got called, BTW - a fun way to drain chips). Then, I hit my Ace - C-Bet, and got called. We both checked the turn, and he bet very small, but I didn't have much left. I felt like the bet was weak like maybe he was afraid of the ace, but no, it was 2 pair, AQ, and I was crippled.

Got AJ in the very next hand and shoved 6BB - I thought maybe it would look like a tilt raise and get called light, but someone had TT and won that race.

Bad c-bet there - even with top pair. Left me with no chips to manuver. Need to pay attention to stack sizes.

In the second tourney, I tried two steals and got called each time and had to fold. I finally got TT and decided to shove no matter what. An UTG player raised it up 2x, and I shoved over him. He took a second to call, and while he was waiting, I looked at his stats - 38/8. Uh oh - I knew immediately that he had AK, JJ or QQ. I prayed for the former but got JJ and off I was again.

Is there any way to avoid that? You wait and wait for good cards, or even mediocre cards - can you really fold TT with 9BB and 7 players left? Not sure on that one.

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