Sunday, August 9, 2009

famous quote

"you will run worse than you could have even possible imagined"

And, I will add, in so many different ways. Right now it's having big hands behind me whenever I'm a short stack pusher. I get called every time. pockets jacks twice last night, pocket kings today, and then 33 got called by 66.

I'm also all back-asswards on the flop. I raise QQ and get a caller. The flop comes 255. I decide to check to maybe induce a bluff, but the turn comes an Ace and he comes out firing, both on the turn and river. I have to give it up. In another hand, I c-bet but get checkraised. It's an overused cliche, but it's like they can see my cards

My heater from last week is entirely, 100% gone. I am now running with a $1 profit on the month after 17 tourneys played. I'm sure the multi-tablers are laughing their ass off at me, whining about streaks in 17 tourney blocks, but whatever. What's really happening is running even in my last 172 tourneys - that's long enough to be officially getting old.


bastinptc said...

Try some more MTTs maybe...

Forrest Gump said...

Consider this for a moment Matt. Sometimes brutal downswings aren't entirely bad luck. On top of the bad beats, sometimes the cards also conspire to highlight the little leaks in your game. On the upside, I've found it a good time to look at those hands where I lose big and see how I could have played it better. And virtually every hand I think can be played better!


Memphis MOJO said...

What bastin said.

In other words, you might be in a rut, so do something different. Cash game, big tournament, sng but with 45 players, or anything like that.