Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waaaay off the board

I sat down all ready to play tonight, but my normal stake SNGs were filled with multitablers, making the tables tough. There were no multi-table SNGs filling up. What's an addicted gambler to do?

Fire up a 6-max cash game, that's what! I haven't played a cash game online since July, and that was only 27 hands. Before that, you have to go back to February for any "volume" (a very relative term, I've played less than 3000 hands ever in a cash game online.

I see one benefit of the tourney - your tourney always ends at a fixed period of time, whereas your cards can suck for hours on end in the cash game. Mine sure did tonight. Sure, I was probably playing a big tighter than normal to get the lay of the land, but my stats were a ridiculous 13/4 for the 99 hands I played, on a 6 max table! I will now pour battery acid over my face....

I only needed one hand, though. Pocket threes - the light three better tries to raise over me and one other limper. We both call. The flop - T 3 T. Glory be, a flopped boat. Let's hope he's got aces, or better yet, a ten. He thinks a long time, then bets half pot. I call, the other guy folds. Turn is a seven, no flush out there. He thinks a bit longer, and bets half pot again - $4 into 7.55. He likes his hand. I raise to $10 - not a minraise, but enough to look like I could still fold. He shoves it in. I call of course- he shows 8Ts. Beautiful - now I've just got to avoid seven outs to the overboat. The river takes an extra beat to be revealed, but it's a meaningless deuce, and I've stacked him.

I wait one round around the table and duck away with my winnings - 73 big blinds worth, thank you very little.

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Forrest Gump said...

Thus is the joy of hitting sets in micro cash games. When I'm dealt AA/KK I try my best to avoid ugly spots, but with low/mid pairs they really play themselves.