Monday, April 26, 2010

HUD data

First, the good news, a profitable night! 8 big blinds, ha ha. I was actually up 1.5 buy-ins, then got my kings cracked by queens flopping a set. You can't have a big night when your big hands don't hold up. I went down a few bucks, then back up, then logged off quick before I could fall below the water line. Any win, no matter how small, helps in this brutal month.

I used my HUD tonight to make an non-trivial decision. I had a player raise from under the gun (6 handed) - I held king-queen in the small blind. My first look at his HUD showed he was pretty tight 25/14. Usually, that's where I would end the hand - I would be more inclined to fold and not worry about getting dominated by AK/AQ. But tonight, I decided to bring up his popup and look at his raising stats by position. Here is what I saw.

Notice his PFR line - it looks pretty consistent across the board. 18% under the gun, and 13% on the button. This tells me that he's not particularly positionally aware - he's raising with the same basic range from all positions.

18% is pretty wide - it includes most suited aces. AT+, K9+, Q9+, and lots of other broadway stuff. KQo isn't too bad against this range - about 47% or so. Contrast this if his UTG raising range was something like 5% - where KQo would fare about 33%.

Based on his UTG range being wide, I called out of position with KQ. The board came eight high and we both checked. The turn came a ten, I fired, and he folded. I nice little pot won based on checking his stats and playing the percentages.

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