Tuesday, April 27, 2010

strange stuff

I sign onto a table tonight, and I see a player 2 spots to my left shove $12 into a 0.35 preflop pot two hands in a row. I'm in the big and small blinds for these two hands and I fold, as does the rest of the table.

Next hand, I'm on the button, and I'm dealt AsKs. I know what's coming next. I raise to .75, he shoves, and I snap call. He's got 37o. I hit my king and start the night up $12.

One of the other players taunts the shover "ha ha you suck". The shover signs off.

I chat "Guess I got here at the right time".

The taunter replies "he has done that like 12 hands in row".

I say "it works every time except the last time".


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