Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another wipeout session

Down 2.5 buy-ins - the big culprit was AK again, ran into aces and a fishy player who overbet the flop. It was a bizarre night - tons of preflop shoves and flop raises with garbage and I couldn't tell what was going on. Bad players all over-but I couldn't capitalize. I lost half a buy-in from a donkey who called my all-in with jack-ten offsuit when I had ace-king. Frustrating. My kings got cracked by ace-ten, too, AFTER I hit a set of kings on the flop. But I kept watching people on my tables play 80% of their hands and inevitably give their money away on a silver platter - just never to me.

My only winning hand of any import was a suckout too. Maybe a tilt call, maybe not - I was looking hard at this guy's stats and felt like he was pushing me around. He was tight/aggressive but his 3bet percentage was up in the 7.0% is - range. (maybe the sample size was too small). Anyway, I got all my money in as a big dog as sucked out on him. Skill not required. So I played fine and lost, and played bad and won. Why do I have a wall of poker books I have in my bookshelf downstairs again?

My month is back to a big fat Meh for stats. I am down over 2 bb/100 on ace-king alone - it is my worst starting hand of the month. How do you fuck up ace-king? 3 bet with it, get it all in when you hit a pair. If you miss, cbet. Heaven help my bankroll if I ever start winning with this top 5% hand.

Well, fuck it, gotta put it all behind me. Tomorrow night is the neighborhood monthly tourney, and we're going double buy-in for $100. 45-50 players means a big prize pool, and I'm not screwing it up. If the poker gods want jack-four to crack my aces like last time, fine - but I won't be knocking myself out.

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Anonymous said...

How did you do? My brother went and made the final table, but was first out once there.