Thursday, January 27, 2011

Watch what you say at the table

Live 1 table tourney last night, player C raises the pot from early position and takes the blinds with no action. She reveals her hand, pocket aces. "You should have limped!" someone tells her. "Oh, no, I never limp with aces" she replies.


Some time later, she limps. I am sitting to her left, next to act, and I have Ace-King. I raise on the larger size, enough to commit her (I'm happy to go with my hand vs. anyone else at the table too). Everyone folds, as does player C.

Next orbit, everyone folds to C in the small blind, she limps into my big blind. She's got about 6 or 7 blinds left, and she knows the push/fold game (she has pushed already).

Any chance she's got a big hand here?

I say no. I shove. She folds.

My cards? 46 offsuit.

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diverjoules said...

:-) It was nice to see you. Glad you could come donate.. Oops.. I mean play.. LOL