Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday session

Got in about 800 hands today, ending up with a loss of 40 big blinds. This was acceptable as I ran into a higher set with my set of twos, and paid off quads not once but twice with full houses.

No tilt to speak of, so a win there. I did one thing I'm not sure I have ever done before - I folded pocket kings preflop on some truly bizarre action. Fish limps, I raise pocket kings from the button. The big blind 3bets me - he's a tricky, tight player capable of reading my raise as an isolation play, and he's trying to take it away from me. Then, out of nowhere, the limper fishy 4bets this reraise. Perhaps I gave him too much credit, but a limp then a raise after 2 raises before seems like limping aces to me.

The funny part is that I folded - if he would have just raised to begin with, I would have reraised and we would have gotten all in. By employing this limp/reraise play, he won much less that he would have had he just played them correctly.

Of course, he could have just been a fish doing this with pocket threes.

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